Donald Trump wrote his own medical report. We could tell.

We should have known. The news that Donald Trump dictated his own medical report — despite it being signed by his personal physician Dr. Harold Bornstein — hardly comes as a surprise. In all my [...]

Whatever a doctor’s political views, end-of-life care is the same

It’s no secret that we live in an era of historic political polarization. Almost daily we’re reminded of the corrosive consequences of Americans drifting apart: Polarization affects how we work, [...]

GOP Medicaid Cuts Would Hurt Much More than Health Care

The program contributes to lower dropout rates, more college degrees, higher earnings, emptier jails and thriving economies. In short, the American dream. The Senate’s new health bill, the Better [...]

Politics should be more like medicine: Column

Inability to put aside differences is destroying our government. Doctors can help. If you’re a practicing physician, even one running the hospital, you examine the feet of your diabetic patients. [...]

ObamaCare’s effects difficult to measure: Column

Don’t believe what you hear about the health care exchanges, from either side. When California announced that individual premiums in its health insurance exchange could be 29% lower than [...]

All states need to expand Medicaid: Column

The recent addition of three governors to the small gang of Republican leaders opting into the Medicaid expansion may represent a tipping point. For economic, moral and health reasons, [...]