Five Countries, Five Experiences of the Pandemic

Kirtiraj Rana grew up in Rajamunda, a village of fewer than a thousand people in the northeastern Indian state of Odisha, which faces the Bay of Bengal. A migrant worker, he dropped out of school [...]

How Getting Vaccinated Will (and Won’t) Change My Behavior

Beyond the dread that I feel for my patients, my work as a physician on the coronavirus wards has instilled in me two related fears. The first fear, which surges each time I learn about another [...]

America Is Running Out of Nurses

Just how big is the coronavirus’s winter wave? It can be hard to get your mind around it. One way to try is to note that, right now, more than a hundred thousand Americans are in the hospital [...]

The Deadly Cost of America’s Pandemic Politics

On March 15, 1902, Henning Jacobson, a pastor in Cambridge, Massachusetts, refused the smallpox vaccine. At the time, Massachusetts was one of eleven states that allowed officials to enforce [...]

The Pandemic’s Winter Surge Is Here

Europe’s second wave built slowly, starting in midsummer. At that time, charts comparing coronavirus cases in America and Europe highlighted the inadequacy of the U.S. response; there were days [...]

How Trump Became the Pro-Infection Candidate

Nine months into the pandemic, it’s a truism to say that America’s response has been politicized. Even so, with an election looming, the virus surging, and President Trump and others in [...]

How to Understand Trump’s Evolving Condition

The days since Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus have been more confusing than usual. Consider this exchange from Saturday’s news conference with Sean Conley, the White House [...]

After Trump’s Coronavirus Diagnosis, What’s His Medical Outlook?

In a midnight tweet, the President of the United States revealed that he and the First Lady have both tested positive for the coronavirus, raising concerns about his health and upending an [...]

Two Hundred Thousand Americans Are Dead

At some point in 1993, the two-hundred-thousandth American died of aids. By that time, a decade had passed since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention first described the emergence of a [...]

It Will Take More Than a Vaccine to Beat COVID-19

The first outbreak of polio in the United States struck Rutland County, Vermont, in the summer of 1894. The disease began with fever, sore throat, and fatigue; it sometimes went on to damage the [...]

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