The Challenges of Post-COVID-19 Care

Among the patients I care for at the hospital is a young woman recovering from covid-19. To keep her blood oxygenated, she needs a device called a non-rebreather mask. The mask is connected by a [...]

“It’s Hard to Stay Afloat”: Hope and Exhaustion in the Coronavirus Fight

A woman and her husband are admitted to my ward; before the coronavirus, they were healthy, enjoying morning walks and evening cocktails. Now, while her breathing improves each day, his declines. [...]

“A Disembodied Voice”: The Loneliness and Solidarity of Treating the Coronavirus in New York

Almost certainly, the density of New York City has played a major role in the spread of the coronavirus. While it circulated among us, millions of New Yorkers touched the same subway turnstiles [...]

“Adrenaline, Duty, and Fear”: Inside a New York Hospital Taking on the Coronavirus

Right now, the most striking feature of the hospital might be the difference between the world outside and the world within. Outside, New York—America’s largest and densest city—is a ghost town. [...]