Living Through India’s Next-Level Heat Wave

The Bhalswa landfill, on the outskirts of Delhi, is an apocalyptic place. A gray mountain of dense, decaying trash rises seventeen stories, stretching over some fifty acres. Broken glass and [...]

What’s at Stake in the Fight Against Monkeypox

On May 12th, Nesli Basgoz, an infectious-disease doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital, met a thirty-one-year-old patient with perplexing symptoms. After a trip to Canada, the man had noticed [...]

How to Understand Trump’s Evolving Condition

The days since Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus have been more confusing than usual. Consider this exchange from Saturday’s news conference with Sean Conley, the White House [...]

After Trump’s Coronavirus Diagnosis, What’s His Medical Outlook?

In a midnight tweet, the President of the United States revealed that he and the First Lady have both tested positive for the coronavirus, raising concerns about his health and upending an [...]